K-9 Instructor Training

Instructor Training

The staff of Alabama Canine Law Enforcement Officers Training Center would like to thank you for your interest in our instructor course. We are proud to be recognized as one of the finest training centers in the country..

Instructor Course Details

The instructors course is geared toward a police officer from your department in new, innovative methods of police dog training. Technology in this field has advanced rapidly in the last several years. These methods can increase efficiency in a K-9 unit while reducing liability to the police department. In the criminal apprehension phase the dogs are trained to conform to legal sanctions regarding the use of force. This is accomplished through skills developed and knowledge gained in several training techniques to include muzzle, ring Suit, concealed and exposed sleeves. Students should expect to spend a great deal of time developing their agitation skills. Tactical Deployment, officer survival skills and use of dogs in specialized operations are also instructed as a part of the apprehension phase.

Instructor Training Procedures

ACLEOTC uses the latest training techniques and procedures in training dogs for bombs and narcotics detection. These methods are more efficient than the current ideologies used by most departments today. For example, since dogs are able to learn five drugs within ten days, the complete remainder of course time can be directed toward teaching searching skills. This allows for a superior dog at the end of the course. Adequate time is available for teaching the dog to give an unmistakable and clear indication, which is so important in the cases today. A passive, yet clear, indication is possible in the bomb searches due to the innovative manner in which the explosives detector dogs are trained. The safest and calmest procedures are fully instructed to the participant so that these highly stressful situations can be handled with greater competency.

Instructor Training - Tracking

Due to a more complete awareness of the scent capabilities of dogs when tracking, extremely, efficient results are obtained using European police training procedures. Dogs are taught to track footstep to footstep and clearly indicate any evidence found along the path of the perpetrator. In this age of mobility, offenders often have transportation waiting after the commission of a crime. Therefore, the actual path of the suspect and any evidence available is of utmost importance. Not only can offenders be apprehended but also discarded evidence linking them to the crime..

Instructor Drive Skill Training

Of special note is the fact that the Instructor learns new training methods which enable a police dog to reach his maximum potential by enhancing and stimulating drives within the dog. These technological advances have proven themselves across the United States already. Police dogs are now able to apprehend the most aggressive criminal yet, even out of sight of the handler. The stable character of today's police dogs allows for a far greater advantage in the area of public relations.

K-9 Preparedness Detection Training

Also included within the framework of the instuctors course, which is nine weeks in duration and entails 520 hours of instruction, is detailed information concerning psychological evaluation of prospective K-9’s. This important knowledge gives an excellent awareness of what limitations and potential exists within dogs even prior to hands-on training. Other areas include handler survival skills, economical maintenance, enhancing public support through civic awareness measures, etc. A curriculum of the entire course is included within this packet.

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