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The mentioned are just a few of the larger departments that have benefited from our training services. We have also serviced hundreds of smaller departments that are not listed.

We have also been fortunate to have had the pleasure of training explosive detector dog teams for the countries of the Philippines, Costa Rica, Peru, Columbia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Portugal, Turkey, Cypress, Kuwait, Jordan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Barbados, Venzuala, and the Bahamas. We have trained well over 550 police service dog teams for these countries and they have been very successful in locating explosive devices.

Our goal at the center is to provide the best training possible, not only for the dogs, but for the handler, so that he has a complete understanding of the working ability of his dog and the responsibilities he has as a handler. Our training standards and methods are adopted from the German Landespolizeischule fur Diensthundfuhrer, in Stuckenbrok, Germany. We feel this training is among the most updated training being used in the field today.

We are also very proud of our program and the success our police service dog teams have had in seizing millions of dollars worth of illegal narcotics and apprehending criminals.

Using specialized selection testing we are also able to find dogs which have the drives and character traits necessary to perform both detector and patrol functions simultaneously. This, in essence, gives the agency two dogs for the price of one and saves the agency money, as it is possible for the one dog to perform both functions. We have trained many dual-purpose teams across the country and in many of the foreign countries and it has become the preference by most agency administrators.

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Elite Canine Law Enforcement Training

Alabama Canine Law Enforcement Officer's Training Center, Inc. was founded in October of 1985.

Since that time, the center has been responsible for the training of Police Service Dog Teams all across the United States and in fourteen foreign countries. Some of the departments that have received our training are:
  • The United States Border Patrol
  • The Department of Energy
  • Alabama State Troopers
  • Georgia State Troopers
  • Maryland State Troopers
  • Washington State Troopers
  • The Jefferson Parrish Sheriffs Department, Louisiana
  • The City of Pittsburgh Police Department, Pennsylvania
  • The City of Denver Police Department, Colorado
  • The City of Birmingham, Alabama
  • The City of Memphis, Tennessee
  • The City of Washington, D.C.
  • Georgia Dept. of Corrections

Exciting News

Alabama Canine has always taken pride in selling the best possible training equipment for teaching and maintaining police service dogs.
Garmin has allowed us to become a distributor for their collars. Garmin has long been known to be the leader in the e-collar industry. We look forward to better educating police dog handlers on the proper use and effectiveness of Garmin e-collars.

Our new facility is now open

Our brand new housing facility at our main location in Northport, Alabama is now open for business. Housing offers fully furnished kitchen, laundry room along with TV seating area and weight room. Amenities include satellite TV, internet service, hunting and great fishing in two ponds located on site. Call to book your room and class today.

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